1. Aims
  2. - To provide opportunities for students to acquire, develop, and become proficient in the English language through reading, writing, listening and speaking.
    - To provide a non-threatening fun atmosphere for creative learning so that children feel confident.
    - To develop creativity and passion through individual response to literature.
    - To develop awareness that English is an important tool to communicate in a dynamic global world.

  3. School-based Curriculum

    • School-based Reading Workshop
    • i) P1-P4 PLPR
      The Primary Literacy Programme – Reading (PLPR) is a pilot programme organized by the Native-Speaking English (NET) Section of the Education Bureau of Hong Kong. The major objective of the Programme is to develop a holistic approach of learning and teaching to English across the PLPR and the GE lessons.

      PLPR reinforces the language structures and vocabulary that students acquire in reading and writing. The Programme also promotes the use, by teachers, of various reading teaching strategies.

      It also supports setting up the language-rich environments inside and outside classrooms. It helps students learn English in a fun and authentic way.

      Curriculum includes Shared Reading, Guided Reading and Extended tasks.

      ii) P5-P6 Reading Workshop
      Curriculum includes Classic Literature Reading, Literature Circle and Drama teaching.

    • School-based Writing Curriculum
      - Students will be exposed to creative, informative, descriptive and analytical writings and will be provided with opportunities to practise these skills.
      - Teachers will incorporate different writing strategies in the writing tasks. The use of different graphic organizers will help students to gather information and organize their ideas for writing.

    • English Day
    • i) English Corner
      ii) English Ambassadors
      iii) Class Ambassadors

    • Show-and-tell
    • Buddy Reading Programme

  4. Student Work / Teen Writers
  5. Games / Useful Links

Games / Useful Links

BBC Learning English for Kids:

Learn grammar, phonics and vocabularies:

The Junior Standard - English newspaper reading:

Goodies - English newspaper reading: